Electronic Circuit Engineer




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Be mainly responsible for developing and testing analog circuit of amplifier, power supply, etc.
Bachelor or above degree in Physics, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering or equivalent.
1-3 year experience on equivalent position.
Have solid knowledge on electric circuits, fully understand the work pattern, equivalent model, parasitic parameter of discrete component, e.g. diode, triode, MOS etc., and their application on electronic circuit.
Familiar with amplifying circuit, and using bod diagram, pole-zero theory to design and analysis circuit.
Have a good grasp of electric schematic diagram, PCB design flow and tools.
Good communication ability, team player, reliable. Good at English reading and writing, be able to ready English technical manual and article.
Please send you latest CV to yangfei.wang@acme-bj.com, email subject should include the applying position and expected salary.


Please send your resume:yangfei.wang@acme-bj.com, the subject of the email should be noted about the position and salary requirements.