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Molecular Beam Epitaxy System
Molecular Beam Epitaxy System

Product Description





● Substrate size: ≤4 inch
● 10 source ports, others upon request.
● Fast and easy sample loading & transferring, up to 5 sample parking, others upon request. 
● Compatible with various in-situ growth characterization and monitoring systems or instruments, including SPM, RHEED, QCM, and BFM etc.
● Fully automated growth system capable of operating vacuum pumps in all chambers, controlling gate valves, programming growth processes, and real-time monitoring of system status, etc., 19 inch touch screen central control panel
● Integrated water, electricity, and gas module for easy maintenance.






Growth Chamber

Substrate size

4 inch


550 mm



 Base Pressure

better than 3×10-10mbar

Four-Axis manipulator

Up to 1200℃

Source ports

CF63×10 (others upon request)

Bakeout temperature


Preparation Chamber

Base Pressure

Better than 5×10-10 mbar


Up to 800℃(others upon request)

Load lock

Source Ports

CF63×2, others upon request

Base Pressure

Better than 4.5×10-8 mbar

Sample parking

5(others upon request)

Controlling system

Basic Functions

19 inch Touch Control Panel

Realtime monitoring

Pump and valve regulations with automatic control, one-key PUMP, one-key VENT.

With vacuum and sample transfer safety interlocks, equiped with an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Automated baking

Continuous data logging

Growth process programming, automated control

Alarming  and emergency stop

Manipulator Automatic control

Optional functions

 Growth Recipe



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